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17. Beautiful girl…

« Singin’ in the rain » - Musique : Nacio Herb Brown / Paroles : Arthur, Freed (1933)
Beautiful girl, you’re a lovely picture
Beautiful girl, you’re a gorgeous mixture
Of all that lies, under the big blue skies
My heart cries...
Beautiful girl, you’re a dazzling eyeful
Beautiful girl, I could never trifle
If I had you
You’d be my dream come true

They may be blondes or brunettes
That are hard to resist
You surpass them like a queen
You’ve got those lips
That were meant to be kissed
And you’re over sweet sixteen
Oh, Beautiful girl, what a gorgeous creature
Beautiful girl, let me call a preacher
What can I do
But give my heart to you

Parlé par le D.J. :
A beautiful girl is like a great work of art.
She's stylish, she's chic and she also is smart…

[ Beautiful girl, for you I’ve got a passion
Beautiful girl, you’re my queen of fashion
I’m in a whirl, over my beautiful girl. ]
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