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1. Take off with us

Fred Tobias / Stanley Lebowsky – « All that jazz » (1979)
Sifflement / baguettes

Take off with us-s-s-s
Take off with us-s-s-s
We’re warmin’ up, so
We’re warmin’ up
New York – GVA-A-A
Going all the way-ay-ay
Wan't you climb aboard
You’ll ride as smooth as
Glass (Glass, Glass…)
Meet our friendly eager crew
They only live to
Service you ?
Service, service, service, service
This flight, this flight comes comple-e-e-te
With your choice of sea-ea-ea-t
And any seat you grab
Will be first class
Up there where the clouds are pillowy
You are as close to heaven
 As you'll ever be
Lean back, relax
Here come the snacks
Drop your diet
Have a fall
Don't stop don't stop don't stop with one
Try’em all, try’em all. (yeah,yeah,yeah)
Music’s ready to begin
Take out your headset
Plug it in
What's your answer chum-hu-hum
Are you gonna co-o-ome
On the coolest, hottest, coolest, hottest, coolest, hottest
Trip that's ever been .
(Passage en scat)
Lean back, relax!
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